Zoom Gfx-4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Processor & Power Supply

Zoom Gfx-4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Processor & Power Supply
Zoom Gfx-4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Processor & Power Supply

Zoom Gfx-4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Processor & Power Supply

This listing is for a Zoom GFX-4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Processor in Perfect Working Order. This Zoom GFX-4 is in Good cosmetic condition. 2 x Free Guitar Plectrums. REST ASSURED ALL ITEMS ARE TESTED & GUARANTEED.

Quite Simply the GFX-4 stands for quality. The New Zoom GFX-4 keeps true to authentic and inspirational guitar sounds, incorporating both new and original effects. With the Unique Front Panel Design it is just like using separate compact pedals! FX Panels Make Operation Super Easy.

The user interface of the GFX-4 is so simple and intuitive. FX panels let you adjust three effect modules and three parameters, each in real time.

Settings are shown by a graphic image, parameters and patch names are shown in alphanumeric format on backlit LCD, and LED indicators let you check the status of all the important functions at a glance. Built-in Auto-chromatic Tuner helps the tuning of your instrument quickly and precisely. Pitch accuracy is shown by the indicator rotation speed, which helps prevent overshoot and lets you hit exactly the right note. Hybrid Architecture with Analog Distortion Circuits and VAMS. By combining all analog distortion and a sophisticated technology called VAMS (Variable Architecture Modeling System), the sound of vintage effects can be recreated with amazing realism.

The GFX-4 models Overdrive, Distortion, Compressor, Chorus, Phaser, Wah, as well as many other effects of world famous guitarists. The control knobs duplicate the feel and adjustment range of the original classic model, thanks to the sophisticated modeling techniques used.

Of course, you also get the ZOOM original distortion and convincingly recreated guitar amplifier sound. Create Any Distortion Character with Booster + Distortion.

The COMP/OD/ENV module and the DRIVE module in the GFX-4 can be combined to create a two-stage distortion sound, just like connecting two compact effects in series. Combining effect distortion, AMP distortion and distortion with sustain.

All sorts of possibilities are open to you. Even advanced techniques such as adjusting the level of volume and distortion together when changing from backing to lead can be implemented. Progressive ZNR(ZOOM Noise Reduction) Shuts Out Noise Comprehensively. The GFX-4 incorporates the most recent and refined version, ensuring noise-free play even when using the two-stage distortion approach.

Low-noise components and latest DSP algorithms result in a 12dB improvement of Drive module S/N ratio. Get exactly the right amount of distortion without any unwanted noise.

Included with the GFX-4 is a Patch Library with Carefully Chosen Effect Types. The Patch Library contains 44 distinct, high-quality effect types designed to be truly useful. These are combined in pre-programmed patches stored in the memory of the unit. There are 60 user patches which can be freely rewritten, plus 60 preset patches, making the unit ready for immediate use-right out of the box.

Amp Simulator Allows Line Recording with Realistic Sound. The amp simulator of the GFX-4 lets you select various amplifier types as well as the cabinet size and number of speakers. This assures dynamic, realistic sound during line recording. The Ideal Balance: Metal & Moulded Body. For your peace of mind the GFX-4 is built from Stainless steel in all the important sections such as foot switch's frame, expression pedal, and connectors.

This assures rugged physical strength and a great feel. The unit is light yet it is stable and highly resistant against damage. The intelligent design of the switches and controls live up to the highest expectations of the user. Also the AC-AC adaptor with a separate plug is as versatile and easy to use as a simple power cord. Relay Switch for Optimum Direct Sound. Bypass for the Mono Output operates as a mechanical switch (relay circuit), the guitar output signal therefore does not pass through the A/D and D/A converters, allowing a "clean" noise free signal path. A buffer circuit assures low output impedance, to prevent treble losses caused by floating capacitance of the shielded cables. Also the AC-AC adaptor with clean power supply circuitry built into the main unit helps to reduce noise. A switch provides easy impedance and level matching for any type of guitar.

Effect Module: 6 Modules + ZNR + Amp Simulator. Patch Memory: User 60 + Preset 60, Total 120.

A/D Conversion: 20 bit 64 times oversampling. D/A Conversion: 20 bit 128 times oversampling.

Nominal Output Level: -10dBm for both monaural and stereo (Load impedance 10k ohms or more). Display: Back-lighted original LCD + 2 digit 7 segment LED. Power requirement: AC 12V / 500mA. Dimensions: 397mm(W) X 183mm(D) X 60mm (H). Where a power supply is listed in the "What's included" section, please note that it is UK 3-Pin 220v-240v unless stated otherwise.

The power supply may not be the manufactures original but a suitable replacement. You will receive only what is listed in the "What's Included" section. Please see the "What's Included" section for cosmetic condition of equipment. We prefer to under-estimate the cosmetic condition of all our equipment so as not to disappoint.

All items are fully tested & cleaned prior to being packaged. The item "ZOOM GFX-4 GUITAR MULTI EFFECTS PEDAL PROCESSOR & POWER SUPPLY" is in sale since Thursday, January 3, 2019. This item is in the category "Musical Instruments\Guitars & Basses\Parts & Accessories\Effects Pedals\Multi-Effects".

The seller is "surrey_musical_equipment" and is located in Banstead. This item can be shipped worldwide.
Zoom Gfx-4 Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Processor & Power Supply

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